Alton Towers - Thoughts?

Alton Towers - Thoughts?

Pink's performance amazing....but do you feel like it should have been about 5 song's longer and was a bit rushed? Set was a bit short and encore been two songs?

Don't mean to sound like a whinger here! Sad

Also, thought Alton Towers organisation was rubbish! Have sent management an email today.
Lack of signs on where to go once in the car park, the stewards didn't know where to direct people or what was going on, those with park tickets turning up late didn't know where to go and directed to main entrance only to be directed back to another gate, gates didn't open until 4.30 when said 4pm, standing in the sun no fun, no football being shown - despite the AT helpline saying it was so missed that, not enough toilets...esp female, queues for bars etc really long...not enough of them, car park awful...and they charge you £5 and had to hunt on where to pay on arrival...only to then not have it checked on leaving, took 2 hours to get out of the car park, no mobile phone signal - needed a booster signal as so many people so you could actually find your mates if you lost them.....

Did anyone else feel like this about Alton Towers?

Still had a great time though! Smiling

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I have seen Pink before and this show was also fantastic. Really enjoyed the outdoors atmosphere and loved that she dropped onto the stage from a crane. No other live act Ive seen puts on such an amazing performance. Cannot fault her or the support acts in any way at all.

I agree with both of you about the shocking organisation by Alton Towers with guests leaving the park. Our car was parked near the hotel and we were trapped there until about 2:45 am (4 hours after the end of the concert!), unable to get any rest because of the idiots around us tooting theirs horns - it felt like there was gonna be a riot at one point. There were no staff present in our area to give advice or help which was desperately needed. We walked around most of the car parks for 2 hours and could not find anywhere to get water from combined with limited access to toilets was just not good enough.

While Pink was amazing I would never ever return to Alton Towers to see a concert after the hell we endured Sunday night, and would recommend the same to other people.

hey OMG the show was amazin!! the stunts were absolutely unbelievable and she did the dork dance Smiling was so happy she did that lol!

fortunately i had a day pass so was ok about queueing. feel sorry for the guys that didnt have the pass tho!

they did have the football on there was a big screen by hex and aparently there was another screen down by the log flume an that
we didnt get out of the car park until like half 1 and didnt actually have to turn the car on to move until 1 oclock!! it was discracful an there must have been loads of complaints cause people on our carpark were makin loads of noise, beepin tryin to get someone to help cause we were gridlocked for like 2 hours! there was someone with a massive torch and they were shinig it to the golf hotel thing which is gonna cause some complaints! i would have hated to be the boss yesterday! they must have got an earfull!

completely agree with the comment on the signal! i got home and got 23 text messages through! managed to get the football updates through and when i lost my mate it worked then but when we tried to ring each other later on (so i could show off my new ringtone lol) it didnt work! we were in the same area as well which was mad!!

but with all the crap that went on at the end all together it was awesome and i would give anything to go back a couple of days and do it all over again! in fact i would do anythin to do it all over again!!

fab show Miss Moore well done and thank you! now we need another album!! come on P!NK new album please?????

Laughing out loud xx

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