Hi There This is mee..

Hi There This is mee..

Hi anyone who's reading
I'm "Misty Hill" and i'm all the way from Little New Zealand,
Just wanting to intro' myself to anyone who' will read this.
And like evryone else - P!NK is as SEXY as you'll ever get in this soo called world.
Rocking as Hard as Ever.

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[[[w h aaa t ?

oh [...not now. apparently

hey there!
min-ga-lar-par~~~ Smiling

How is it there in Shebangabang?

So I'll cash my cheques and place my bets,
and hope I'll always win,
even if I don't I'm f***ed because
I live a life of sin

Are you hiding in the closet
Are you underneath the bed
Did you go for a long walk off a short pier
How come you're not here!

new zealand sounds like a noiche (lovely) place i would like to go there on holiday some time.
hope you have fun on the page. i havent been on for a while but im back now. ^_^

1 vodka
2 vodka
3 vodka
when i get up gimmie sum more

Nostalgia is only made worse over time, if only we could go back to a time when we werent nostalgic.

Hi - is that suppose to be funny cause if soo i'm soo laughing my ass- setts off, if not well... i'm still laughing my ass- setts off.

Hi there "lauren"


hey there Smiling

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected