I'm Not Dead '07

I'm Not Dead '07

I went to the concert in Melbourne in 2007.
The Androids were a waste, the rest was amazing.
Anyone else who wants to share their comments on the show?

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I loved her IND show!! Best live performance I have ever seen and I have seen a few! I agree, was hugely dissapointed with The Androids but seriously who can compete with P!nk?!?!?
Like Kayla-Lee, I have the IND tour DVD and watch it over and over, Im surprised it still works!

I did Smiling and try this both so amazing ( I'm not dead a lot less nude people that try this though!!- she is a raunchy one pink!!)

Please Don't Leave Me ~ #

uhm, well I was trying to be half polite
but the Androids speaker and amplifier system was not up for it

but Pink was just AMAZING!!!!!!!

I had to sit there a while after to try and take it all in

as far a Pink goes, and her singing, dancing, and spininng and swinging goes

well I was just "gob smacked"

I be happy just to see the I'm Not Dead show over and over

Smiling :) Smiling :)

(Faker have good song for 2009 tour but too)

they didn't even sing their most famous song.

If they had have sung "Do it with Madonna" I May have been a tiny bit happier, but nah they were crap

We're all P!nk on the inside

"they had some "acoustic" issues or something "

"They had more than just acoustic issues."

Yeah they can't play for s***!!

"they had some "acoustic" issues or something "

They had mosre than just acoustic issues.

We're all P!nk on the inside

Yep. i went to IND Laughing out loud
Best Concert Ever.
Not one boring bit!
now i just watch the dvd over and over lol.

yeah Pinks IND show was simply amazing Laughing out loud :D
best concert or show ever saw
and the pink ribbons aerials at the end

sat there a while after just trying to soak it all in

and yeah went outside for the Androids bit
they had some "acoustic" issues or something Laughing out loud

The Androids are just plain s***! um i went to the may 29th concert (it was an extra concert, that was released at the last minute). but p!nk was amazing. i remember i went with my friend and my mum, and at the end of the concert they said to me "So how was it? did you like it?" I was so amazed by p!nk, that i was completely speechless. i couldn't seem to say anything at all. it was a weird feeling.

I agree the Androids wer crap.

I'm form Melbourne too! Which show did you go to? I was April 27th.

We're all P!nk on the inside