pink merchandise

pink merchandise

are there more sites to buy pink t.shirts etc other than the offical site there must be loads of different designs but i cant find them. i want to buy a funhouse t.shirt but official site only sells it with c.d i have that. thanks

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type in pinks offical store then click which country your from it will bring up the full range,some wicked stuff on there!! \m/

On PP click on store then on official Pink merchandise, you'll find everything

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Someone has stolen my P!NK Hoodie I brought at her Funhouse tour last year..

Trying to track down where I can buy another!!!

This site only sells CDs.. You'd think they'd offer more eh?!

Can anyone help me with this or should I just cut my losses??

Very upset & EMOTIONAL Sad

In love at the moment!!!! Planning to put them outta stock.... Well, maybe should check the bank account first, but OMG I love it!

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I'd been wondering the same as annamarie; thanks chrissie x

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Yeahh.. I really want like, a poster or mug or somethin :L Unless there are any good p!nk t-shirts for guys. They were sellin stuff at her concert I went to the other day, but there were too many people so i couldn't wait for it =P Let me know if anything comes up.

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ebay may sell some. Not sure though, but if your going to her concert they usually sell them there.