Tour dates

Tour dates

P!nk..........I'm not being funny but guess wot????????? How comes you aint coming to Wales - I know I'm being kinda selfish but I just CAN'T BELIEVE you aren't coming to Cardiff *sulking biiiiiiiiiiig time*!!!!

I'm truly sulking like a ten year old and I know you're really really really busy and I'm being very very selfish but I can't wait to see you perform again.......I know I'm just another fan *yawns* but I love you like this much (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)....oh for peet's sake........can't you add Cardiff on your tour dates or could you add my home address for a little performance lololol!!!!

C'mon P!nk - I know Cardiff isn't Sydney, New York, LA, Paris or the other fandabeedosey places that you could visit but Cardiff aint THAT bad lol.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease could you come back to Wales..........pretty please with a big fat cheesecake on the top???????????

I'm off to sulk now cos sulking is what I do best lol.

Sal xxxxx

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I'm with Sal on this one, please come to Cardiff, it was a sell out lasy year and i paid £160 for my tickets...i follow u around and attend your shows...3times last year and i loved every minute, just it would really help my carbon foot print if u come 2 cardiff so i wouldnt have to travel toooooo far, i will definately see u in London o2 and Birningham buy yea pop along to Cardiff and we'll all have a hullaballooooooo!!

Have we begged enough already??? lol

L xxx