Was P!nk Ever Bisexual?

Was P!nk Ever Bisexual?

My friend told me she was reading an article online that said she was bisexual and I looked it up and several said she was and only a few said she wasn't.I know she is married to a guy and has a baby on the way but,I just wanted to see if any of you guys knew or what do you think.

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I once saw an interview ( I think it was from the Perez Hilton site )where P!nk said something like "If I was gay, wouldn't you think I would be waving my f****** flag all day?"

So I think not..

Hay guys sexuality shudnt matter 2any1 we are all human beings, so if pink is bisexual good on her who cares Sticking out tongue

regardless, Pink is amazing just the way she is!! I mean, in all honesty, I would love to get in bed with Pink, who wouldnt? But She is amazing! and either way she swings, she is still Pink!

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..... i thought she was, but not very bothered about sexuality...

Maybe it was in her past that she was bisexual or bicurious maybe?

wth!!! y aint she bisexual....*sigh*

Hi Pink R O C K Z,

P!nk is straight, (unfortunately hahaha! Sticking out tongue ) I have seen several interviews where she clears up this rumor. She has dated girls before when she was younger, but she is straight. There are many rumors that she is bisexual though, maybe because she is not "girly" enough or she is seen as "too strong" so people like to label her as something she isn't. Here is a video of her talking to Perez Hilton, she talks about her sexuality about halfway though it. Hope this helps! Smiling



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