P!nk: Funhouse


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1 Play Track So What
2 Play Track Sober
3 Play Track I Don't Believe You
4 Play Track One Foot Wrong
5 Play Track Please Don't Leave Me
6 Play Track Bad Influence
7 Play Track Funhouse
8 Play Track Crystal Ball
9 Play Track Mean
10 Play Track It's All Your Fault
11 Play Track Ave Mary A
12 Play Track Glitter In The Air Glitter In The Air Video

Reviews for this Album

clion 5 years ago

about time i found a cd that reminds me of some of my life .my sons love it ive never been to any concert in my life .i wouldent mind going to one .im more a country music like dolly parton /joyce joplin /big nd rich/nd roadhammers/but your cd blocks out the ratteles in my f truck and the horses love it too good stuff keep rocking .


telle1981 5 years ago

i would have to say well what can i say your a diva!! went to your concert AGAIN unbelievable getting bigger an better every time.. your a great performer gorgeous body amazing voice your immortal!!! be interesting to hear the next album.... well done

gailr 5 years ago

Awesome love all her songs she is lovely and very talented wish I could be there in Brisbane but I was not lucky enough to get a ticket maybe next time love GAIL

pensueblok 5 years ago

Funhouse is a fantasic album and i love all the songs. Hard to choose a favourite but if i had to choose i would have to say it would be Bad Influence. I play your cd on my ipod and in the car and at home over and over and never get bored. Actually it's the same with all your albums. My boys who are 4 and 6 love you too and they love So What! Your Funhouse concert in Sydney was Fantastic just like your last one in 2007. They are the best concerts i have ever been to. Can't wait until your next concert and hope that you come back soon when this tour is finished.

Hoping that your DVD A Life Less Ordinary Unauthorized comes to Australia too like it has in the UK and coming out in the US in August.

Keep it coming!



Chloe. 5 years ago

Omg pink , i just went to your funhouse concert in sydney on tuesday. And you were simply amazing !
i am dissapointed though that it is over all ready , i loved the whole thing about it !
Outfits , dancers , music , EVERYTHING !
Big fan , keep rocking !
Ly x.