Pink' wedding song

Pink' wedding song

I'm getting married in a year and am having trouble finding a good wedding song as our first song to dance to. I love Sade's "By your side" but my fiance isn't crazy about it. Pink has an awesome taste in music of course so I'm just wondering does anyone know what Pink and Carey chose as their wedding song?

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Take a care history does repeat .... Smiling lok at P!NK.
I´m sorry just kidding congrats.... !!!

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The aisle they walked down to say their vows was candle-lit. Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman" was the entrance music.
(info from

The pair had a rockabilly band play at the reception, where she sang SWEET CHILD O' MINE to her groom and he sang JACK JOHNSON's FLAKE to his new bride.
(info from

hope this helps

good luck withh the wedding

I found a article in a magazine, which said " their first dance was to a song from Natural Born Killers" is that helps in anyway!
You could google that maybe.. :S
Hope it helps.
And good luck with the wedding!!!

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I Think it was a Billy Joel song.

Can't remember the name of it though.

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