Aberdeen Gig...no sober??

Aberdeen Gig...no sober??


Was wondering if anyone knew why Pink didnt sing Sober, Glitter in the Air or It's All Your Fault at the Aberdeen concert? Was it an injury or the stage set up or something else? Also did she miss out songs elsewhere?

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hi pink_4eva, no she didnt do sober at newcastle, but i agree glitter in the air was breathe taking!

im going to see her again in november at newcastle, so hopefully she will do it then

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She didn't sing sober at newcastle either (if she did it was when i went to the loo 4 2 mins). She sang glitter in the air though with the acrbotics and the water. It was breathaking!

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I heard she didnt sing sober in aberdeen because she was singin it from a swing in the air and there wasnt enough roof clearence in the aecc for her to do that,thought she would have still sang it though... Either way she was out of this world loved every second wish it lasted longer x

In dublin on the 20th i think there were a few songs missing aswell, like mean, one foot wrong and its all ur fault. i cud be wrong tho coz i was soo excited that i cud have just forgot what she played. she defo did sober, that was the one when she was up in the air

i was at the 1st glasgow gig and wondered about glitter in the air cause i had seen videos og it on youtube where she was in the air. Thanks for clearing that up Laughing out loud but yeah sober was amazing.

maby cuz aecc is 2 small or she gets sick of sinning the same songs

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We went to the Birmingham show on 16th April and she did Sobre although i heard she did not do it on the 17th? not really sure why or whats going on...maybe she just fancies a change from time to time! xx

Did she do "get the party started"? that had aerial silks & a bungee type set up.
She has technical issues at the 1st Glasgow gig...only "sober" was an acrobatic performance....for "glitter in the air" she just sang it & mingled with the crowd (no aerial/bath scenes)
I personally would be devastated if she skip out on "Sober" as it is my fav P!nk song.

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