Bisexual Friends

Bisexual Friends

I just found out 2 of my friends are other 2 friends tell me not to hang out with them because of that.(I don't care that they're bisexual)How do i tell them that we're going to be friends no matter what without sounding like i'm bisexual?(i'm NOT bisexual!!!)

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hey...just be clear with the other straight friends that your bisexual freinds are still your frieds no matter what and they do not have the right to tell you who to hang out with...and explain it to them that it does not mean that if you are still going to hang out with them you are offense but they are stupid to think that whoever hangs out with gays, are gays themselves..they need to get out more often and sotop stigmitizing cuz they would not know how they may feel in the future...thay may be gays themseleves without even knowing and may realise in the future lol... Eye-wink

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good answer inda - i agree Smiling

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hmmm...I guess you just tell them they're the same friends you had before you found out....that it doesn't make a difference at all Smiling

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