Do A New York Concert

Do A New York Concert

Pink we want to see you live in NY!!!!!!!...please

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would be the best thing ever if she came to NYc this year. I've been unfortunate enough to never have been to even a single concert of hers so getting to see her in NY would be just ahhh-f***ing-mazing!

I am always looking for a tour where P!NK Will come to NYC! Itwould be such a HIT not just becasue I live there but it would be great! COME TO NYC!

I am dying to see pink live in NY, hope she comes soon!

I agree! I couldn't get tickets to the Garden in October. I would love to take my 7 year old daughter ( she has already seen No Doubt, Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift) I know this concert would be her favorite (mine too) Please come back to New York. I so glad I bought the Funhouse CD and didn't justr download certain songs. The whole CD is great !! How about a concert at PNC arts center in New Jersey - thats a great venue.