frog neckless

frog neckless

just come back from manchester. and gave p!nk a silver frog necless but batries died on my camera has anyone pleas please got any videos of me giving her it or photos of her wearing it on stage


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I saw that bit too!!!! She really liked it as well...I hope you get to see the vid of it!!!! xx

Pink Lady xxx

Sorry correction its around the 4minutes 30 mark on the video Smiling


Kyliepink ive found a video of your frog necklace!

Go on to Youtube and look for xicyxshadowsx (that's whose video its is) you wanna look for "p!nk, part two" and its around 7minutes 10 seconds when she open your necklace and puts it on!

Hope this helps, good luck!



I saw u give her the present good luck on u getting a picture or better still a video.