gentle but precise like the grasshopper - movement

gentle but precise like the grasshopper - movement

yoga ,

one of the east's oldest self-imrovement concepts , yoga is still the best body discipline , it consists of breathing excersises , postures and movement , but it goes deeper than that , for yoga is also a mind process , a way to self-awarness and self -realization , in the west we have adopted it primarily as a way of therapeutic exercise ; through it you can achieve complete relaxation of mind and body , you can learn to breathe properly , to bring energy to mental and physicial processes , to become more flexible and supple , its postures and principles are also health-giving in that they relieve tension and stimulate the circulatory , endocrine and nervous systems , last though not least yoga can improve the shape ( like yeah ) , grace and beauty of a body ( not just any body )
always begin any yoga session by relaxing completely for a few minutes , the next step is learning to breathe , to appreciate the value and power of " prana " ( the almighty prana " ) then you are ready to limber up with a few simple movements before tackling the postures , it is imperative to take it slowly , never overstrain ( others ) learn the disciplines step by step , concentration is the key ( to the doors of perception ) it is more significant than control and achievement , and is the only way to achieve either .
the basic pose for yoga is the lotus ( there are some in town they are blooming now , like wow , they sure are ) position , sit on the ground with legs striaght in front , bend your right leg and with your hands lift the right foot , placing it , sole upwards , agianst the left groin , this takes considerable practise ( but worth it heah ) however , it is not essential to be in this position either for breathing or for meditative sessions ; the simple cross-legged position will do instead ,
a sequence of routines is illustrated and explained on the following pages ( just turn them ) yoga should be performed in an airy ( fairy little miss can't be wrong ) room on the hard floor with a rug or mat for protection , don't wear restrictive clothing - no clothes ( ? ) , or an easy garment of natural fibre , is best

priase the Lord

peace jjakh

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