Get P!nk to Number 1

Get P!nk to Number 1

Hey everyone

As yous will no doubt know Please don't leave me is going to be the next song that is released by P!nk and as with all her songs it deserves to be a number 1 hit all over the world. With your help we can make this happen. If we try and promote it as much as possible before it comes out then hopefully we can make it yet another number 1 for P!nk and make this the best album of the year (even though it already is Sticking out tongue).

So if anyone has any ideas or suggestions then leave a message.

Laura x

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yeh all records are played for a while before they become singles. does anyone know if there's a b-side on the single, what isi???
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the thing is its hard coz so many people are downloading illeagly..

rose2009 :L .. lol sounds like a good idea :L


in germany they play it too. but every other new song is played more often than P!NK-PLEASE DON`T LEAVE ME!!!
But I will buy the single, when it comes out. em...when comes it oout??

P!nk Is The Best Singer Ever!!!
I Love All Her Songs!!!

How Would One Go About Promoting A Single? :L

Well I Put Posts On My Myspace, Bebo, Facebook & Twitter

Might Help

Who Knows ...

My Dad Wont Take Me To Manchester To See P!nk Cry

I Might Have To Resort To Running There But That Would Take Forever

Walking 30 Miles Takes Roughly 10 Hours For The Average Human

As It's 44.5 miles Between The Two Sticking out tongue

Well, I'll Either Run Or Hitch Hike

Or Save Up And Get A Coach Sticking out tongue

Lifes a b**** just deal with it .... P!nk inspires me and the world should be a little more open to being inspired.

Her new songs are frequently on the radio...last week I also heard 'Who knew'.

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

In state are playing something by pink,but here in my country nothing.The radio's are ignore pink or sometimes something playing only when i put pinks cd to the radio so i can listen

Yea over here in the states, they've played "So What" and "Sober" and even at clubs and bars the DJ spins those two and some remixes. I haven't heard yet "Please Don't Leave Me" but the other day I heard "Who Knew". It was wonderful but weird!

"Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I've tried to hide my scars from you"

Thanks for the replys Smiling

Yeah it does get played a month or so before it comes out to help promote it so does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about us as P!nk fans trying to promote it?

L x

Pink - 11th April 2009 :]

yeh all records are played for a while before they become singles. does anyone know if there's a b-side on the single, what isi???


Ok all is good


I don't know about other countries but here in aus they start playing Pink's new single Ages before it's released for sale as a single, maybe thats wehre some of the confusion comes from.

I remember I first heard "Sober" played on the radio almost 1 month before it was released and then they released it for download about 3 weeks before it was released for sale in the shops.

We're all P!nk on the inside

Thanks for the reply

Its not out yet in the UK and thats mainly where i was referring to (my mistake for not mentioning it in the post) however even though its out already you still could help to promote it and get it to the highest point possible in your country.

I like the song because its on the album that has been released for a few months Smiling and ive obviously listened to it on that.

Hope that clears everything up Smiling

Pink - 11th April 2009 :]

Hmmm, thats weird ??

Oh well, now we got it out Smiling

It just seemed really strange cause it had been out as a single here for ages, a month i'd say Smiling

Sorry, just thought well yeah lol Smiling

All the best

It's being released at different times in each country it seems.


I knew this was goin to be her next single, but I was sure it hadn't been released yet.
I just looked at sony online & it is to be released in england on 9th March.
hth x x x

UMM hi, don't really know how to put this, but..

Please don't leave me has been out on funhouse for about 4months now and its been about 1month since its become one of her singles Smiling

Ummm yeahh, maybe you should have a look around before you say lol.

But can i just ask, (not meaning to be rude) but how could you like, think it wasn;t out yet lol... ??


Thats quite strange lol

byee Smiling