Going to Liverpool on the 29th April?

Going to Liverpool on the 29th April?

Is anyone going to the Echo Arena in Liverpool on the 29th April who are standing?
If you are plz help, I want to know what time to get there for as me and friends abviously want to be as near to the front as poss (along with hundreds of other people) but half of us think we should get there really early and the other half think early afternoon will be fine!

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I went to the Liverpool gig and started queing at 9.30am there was only 5-6 people who were already there, was suprised
But the 9hrs queing was sooo worth it as we got right up to the barriers
Got some amazing pics, including the one in my profile pic were she sang to me !
Roll on 27th Oct

i went to newcastle at half 3 and got three rows back

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

OMG pink was absolutely awesome!!!!!

I've been 3 times now but I stood for her latest show and I was so close to her!!!!

It was just so amazing, I hardly slept all night thinking about it Smiling the concert was not as energetic as her last shows I don't think but her latest album was a bit more relaxed too so all in all the concert really went well with the album!

It was amazing at the beginning when she just came out of nowhere I was just like OMG its actually pink!!!!



I'll be there as well after 2 amazing gigs in Manchester at the weekend! Smiling

I started queueing at Manchester on both nights at about half 3 and was front row on the barrier for both nights.

Never understood why people get there stupidly early to be honest. A few of the people around me had been in the queue since 7am, so I had a few extra hours sleep and still ended up in the same place as them!




im going Smiling

i think if you go in the afternoon you will be fine! but usually the earlier you cue the better but the afternoon should be a decent time to get there and be close to the frount Smiling

have a great time!!