So i've seen a few stills of interviews from the last few years floating around but never seen the actual interviews, do any of you know where i can find these?
MTV: FNMTV(theres 2 or 3 i think)
VMA 2008 rehearsal interview
VMA 08 interview on access hollywood, E! news and MTV overdrive
Paul O'Grady 2008, not the interview, theres a bit where she's with the dogs that I can't find anywhere!

Thanks in advance Smiling

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Hey guys, i know this is the officialy P!nk website, but there are others that have interviews, video's, comps and fan days, this seems to be the best 1, check it out, they just won best fan site on the pinkarazzi awards too x

I have also been looking for an interview. It was her interview with Conan (i love him, he is fuking hilarious). I have found cliips, but i really wanted to see the full interview. I saw it when it first aired, but that was a while back, i don't remember i think sometime in 2008 or 2009. Anyway, if anyone has a link to that, please post! thanks:)

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Thanks a mil all of you! Yeah I've seen the rove ones they're hilarious!

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oh and her interviews on 'Rove' are really good and funny, it was an aussie show ,,theyre good friends Smiling

ill have a look too Sticking out tongue
ive uploaded a few p!nk programs,,, my channel is pinksthebestest,,, i got more but havent gotten around to uploading them

hey thanks lucy! I've added that to my favs and subscribed to your YT account too Smiling

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I actually had the Paul O'Grady dog one saved, so i uploaded it to youtube for you. I dont think ive seen any of the other ones though. Enjoy Laughing out loud

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I have seen the dogs one from Paul O'Grady but didn't keep it - it was funny too cos she brought in a great dane and it got boisterous and nearly sat on her while she was kneeling on the floor!! Been looking for you but just can't find it again, sorry Sad

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