Look further

Look further

You're stuck in that little bubble of yours,
but what would happened if it popped ?
You're a blindfolded horse, led in only one direction
It's time to get out. Open your eyes and see the world...

Yeah, It's beautiful, but look further
as far as the horizon goes.

Wait, what ?
Did the smile fade away ?
Can you hear the children cry?
Can you see the terror in his eyes?
You still can't see it?

It still there, didn't fade away.
It's not a dream or made up fiction.
You see it now.
I beg you please don't cry.
That won't do you any good.
You feel useless, you're really not.
Open your heart.Open your eyes.

Don't feel pity for them.
Their eyes are screaming for help
opened wide, they're looking at YOU
and feeling pity for YOU
because your heart is so cold
they'll show you warmth.
Look at them. Smile. Help.