Is Pink singing live for ALL of 'Sober?'

Is Pink singing live for ALL of 'Sober?'

Please help settle an argument I've been having with my sister! I've seen Pink live three times now, and I know her voice is absolutely incredible, and to me she seems super-fit too. So as far as I'm concerned, she is well able to sing live even while doing all of those acrobatics, flipping around while hanging from the ceiling during the 'Sober' performance on the Funhouse tour!

My sister doesn't believe me. She thinks that some of that performance must be a pre-recorded track.

So, which of us is right? Does Pink sing ALL of 'Sober' live on her tour? Or is any of that song pre-recorded??

Thanks! Laughing out loud

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haha good save dude, things could have turned nasty there Laughing out loud

I have to eat my words. Here's an interview with P!nk on Ellen and she confirms she sings everything live! during the Funhouse show! V impressed
I don't play your rules, I make my own

I don't play your rules, I make my own

I don't play your rules, I make my own

I don't play your rules, I make my own

I hate to be a doubting Thomas but I don't think it's physically or vocally possibly to keep such a consistent vocal hanging upside down and also when in complete motion. I could be wrong, but I have doubted this one.....

I think no less of P!nk for doing such - what she does is no mean feat!

Don't attack me. It's my view and I am not criticising it. The performance is just sensational!!
I don't play your rules, I make my own

I don't play your rules, I make my own

haha i have the same prblem, trying to convince people. and like im the one that actually was there, not them. but some people just love to argue

of corse she's singin the whole way thru Smiling

Hey thanks guys! I agree with everything you've said! Unfortunately, there can always be these counter-arguments:

1) She pre-recorded the chorus to make it SOUND like it's live so people would think it's live but it's not. (Britney did this a few times on tour performing 'Everytime.' I think it's kinda funny lol.

2) The chorus is pre-recorded, but her microphone is still on and that's why you can still hear her breathing, and that's why you can still here the wind and you can hear her say "Oh!"

3) She is against lipsynching, yes, but anybody would excuse her for not singing that part live.

So these are the kinds of arguments we're up against! I totally believe that she's singing the entire thing live. I went to vocal coaching classes for two years, so I know that it is completely possible, and I know that it is really easy for Pink!! But I need a way to argue this argument lol.

I need Pink herself to come out and say "I'M SINGING IT ENTIRELY LIVE!!" lol



i agree with you guys and if you have the dvd have a listen to her you can here her taking breaths in gaps too

I LOVE P!NK!!!! she is my favourite singer EVER!!! XD
best albums best voice best looks
everything about p!nk ROCKS!!!
wish i could meet her

spreading p!nkianity to the WORLD

To your sister:
Watch 20 different Sober performance, and she won't find 2 perfectly similar. Smiling


tell her
you can hear the wind schreeching as she flips, the wind sound is exact time of moving
also tell her you can hear her breaths, especially at the end and theres a pause and shes understandably a bit out of breath (shes still super fit i would have had heart failure at this point)
tell her, as everyone else has, that pink is soooo against lip syncing and its exactly what she DOSENT do
Tell her Pink is fukken amazing and and and and and omg oimg omg IM SEEIGN HER IN 8 DAYYSSSSS
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Hi i had a similar problem on one slovakian web page,when i tried convince peoples that pink is really sing live song sober not on playback.All peoples was very shrewd and my effort was absolutely needless.

Yes, she's defiantly singing live throughout the whole of sober! THATS how good she is! U can tell because in some parts her voice goes kind of uneven like when she first swings off the trapeze thingy. But of course u cant expect her to be perfect throughout the whole song. She's still amazing and a great performer live!

SHREDDING THE GNAR!!!! Sticking out tongue

Your right Smiling She sings ALL of sober live Smiling That time where she slipped during the jump, you could hear her say "oh" and she speaks to the audience as well... And she is completely against lip sincing. She said in an interview once that live shows should be sang live, and if she was to spend money on tickets to go to a concert she would expect them to sing live. Hope i've helped settle your argument Smiling