PLEASE PLEASE!!! A Dizzy Tizzy!!! Anyone recieved their uk concert tickets yet??!

PLEASE PLEASE!!! A Dizzy Tizzy!!! Anyone recieved their uk concert tickets yet??!

Im getting in a panic!!! I was gutted when I couldnt get through to the ticket office when they opened to get my P!NK tickets so I had to risk a certain bidding website to buy tickets as I simply could not miss this!

I am being told that the tickets will be released near the concert date which being the 1st of May.... 6 weeks away!!! And have forked out a lot of money to come to the other end of the country and OMG OMG LOL!!!

Please can anyone tell me if they have recieved their tickets or if they have had any word of recieving their tickets soon?

I have bought tickets for the O2 show in London.

Any info will be so much appreciated

Much luv xx

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get any where ?

can't keep me down

hey i bought my tickets when they first came on sale like october if think, for April 26th, from ticketmaster, and they came last week! So excited can't wait to see her!!

they r usualy open 8 till 5 box office emm ticketmaster shop is there 1 neer u or the venue its self unsure sozzy

can't keep me down

Where do you collect your tixs when you choose box office collection at booking on ticketmaster please? Smiling and when is it open?

i got mine from i find that site more relible Smiling

can't keep me down

hi peeps
i hope none ov you have booked them through book me tickets i havent recieved my tix from them and got an email saying i wont get them either so had 2 buy 2 from ebay which i paid £155 for ive read on a review about this site that some people dont even get an email stating there not getting there tix i was fortunate i got an email and gave me time to look on ebay

I'ma still waiting for mine too! Kinda worrying but trying not to if u know what i mean, they will be on my doormat anyday! Smiling

I havent got mine yet and I order off ticketmaster too for the 17th of April..hopefully theyll arrive soon!

got mine too well buzzing

i got mine for 28th April at Newcastle Metro radio arena a couple of days ago

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

me and a friend of mine are going for the April 16th and 17th shows, and we're worrying that we are not gonna receive our tickets before we leave from Malta to the UK its stupid to release tickets just hours be4 the event!! Sad:(Sad

Relax the promoters say that you may not get your tickets till 48hrs before the event so dont worry they will come evenually.


I know a couple of friends got their tix on Friday, they had bought them through the venue (secc). I got mine on the ticketmaster offer but no sign of them yet! Sure they will turn up soon.......they better! Hope you have them in your hand soon. x

My friend got me tickets off that certain site lol. He aint got our tickets yet and we are going 25th April. Try not to worry, they should come soon. Well I hope so.xx