p!nks fav colour

p!nks fav colour

its been annoying me for the past couple of days i remmember it was on a thread at one stage iv tried to find it again but can't so yeah whats her fav colour??? really need it for an assessment thingy im going nuts trying to remmember so please respond!!!

ba da da da da da Sticking out tongue

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Pink and Green I believe, or maybe just green? Don't remember!

"Underneath the ink of my tattoo, I've tried to hide my scars from you"

You`ve guys almost have said every color in this topic. Lol
Maybe pink... Laughing out loud

oh and i know at one stage, red was her favorite color, but i don't think it still is though.



I know, P!nks fav colours are orange black and pink.

Yeah i've heard somewhere it was green too.
could be wrong!

i think it may be green, but im not 100% sure though.