Price of tickets ??

Price of tickets ??

does anyone know hw much the tickets are goin 2 cost for the uk part of the tour??

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That's ridiculous with itunes. I must be one of those ones that didn't get the 'special' word! Ordered Funhouse download on Monday and still waiting....!! Any more suggestions for advance sale of tickets? x

I'm going to the one in Glasgow and they are £32.50
They go on sale on the 4th November so I'll be getting in quick to get good seats Smiling

Curran =]

Oops forgot to say you can get the link through x

Hi, if you pre-order the album online from itunes they are supposed to email you a password so you can get tickets early. I've ordered it but there are only so many issued. Good Luck x

I think the O2 arena in London date is £35. Does anyone have a way to get priority tickets? x

^ on November 4th you can call 0844 847 8000 for manchester or order from the MEN arena website when they go on sale

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

Does anyone know where I can order tickets for the Manchester one plz??

ok gr8 thnx Laughing out loud

im going to newcastle and manchester they are both £32.50

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

In manchester and birmingham they are £32.50each Laughing out loud

£35.50 I seen.

£32.50 Smiling