the suicidal warrior

the suicidal warrior

Dead? or Dying?
either way, im done
in this hole, from the world i shun
please finish me off, now take this knife
let me bleed, til i pay the price

break my heart, til my soul dies too
this blood that pours, you cant un-do
dont fight the pain, that makes it worse
dont stop the spell, it becomes a curse

as corpses do, i lay here still
breathing til i get my fill
my fill of pleasure, i call it pain
i enjoy these drops, i pretend are rain

crying blood, and bleeding tears
silence consumes til its all i hear
the deafening blow of quiet calms
as theres tingling in my fingers, sweating in my palms

im all that exists in a desserted land
im dying at the cost of my own hand
blame one person, i would not dare
of this glory i shall not share

this defeat is mine, victory owned
i wear no crown, yet still feel throned
too naive to feel my fall
out of this hell, i begin to crawl

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wow this is amazing! i've never been on this part of the forum before but wow!

This is something you should see about getting published, especially if you have more. I say this because if it moves others as it has the people who have read it on this site you could truly inspire people.

thanks all. comments appreciated. i shall type up more poems in the future...

One word: wow!!!

thats just amazing. You writ beatiful, your words touch my soul and easily cut it into pieces. well done

i veewed the forums fourever, but ive never felt compellt to regstar and join until i read this peom. i have to say it's absolutely fanatic! i love it! the imaginary and seenery is abslutely amassing!