This email was recieved, by those who booked tickets for the 12/06/10 bolton concert, on 8/06/10 by www.pink-funhouse-tour.com

    The event is still running<\ul>, fair trading services have said that this company could be fake or possibly running out of money (bankrupt) if the latter is the case we may not even get our money back (115.00GBP for me!).
    i have emailed watchdog already and would appreciate it if those of you who have also had this issue could please also do this so the site can be shut down or at least delt with!
    After all this company has our card details!

    Dear Customer,

    We are very sorry to announce we have been forced to cancel all of our customers for this event as we have had serious ticket failure with our current supplier, we have tried to secure your tickets through various other suppliers, but have failed so far, with deep regret we must cancel your booking. You must speak to your card issuer and lodge a claim for non delivery of tickets as we have no direct communication with the bank that you were charged through, this is the only way you will receive your money back.

    Kind Regards

    Graham Turner



    hope this helps those who have not booked there tickets yet!!

    p.s www.ticketmaster.com is the provider for her uk tour.

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to be honest i am very wary of what sites to buy tickets off. Next time you buy tickets off a site make sure when you come to purchasin that the web address has https at the end (s) means its secures so your details are safe. Also that site that has scammed people only has an email address no phone number or address which also rings alarm bells. I feel really sorry for you guys who have been scammed out of you money and missing the opportunity to see pink i hope yaz all get another chance to see her or those that can afford it manage to purchase further tickets.
A good point is that she is preforming at the isle of wight festival and should be on TV shes on the main stage on sunday from seven til quarta past eight xx


I also received this email on the 8th about my alton towers tickets. Having googled Good time entertainment seems they have been fleecing a lot of people. I'm now awaiting feeback from my claims form to my bank, I'm not holding my breathe though! Grrrrrrrrr feel totally ripped off, and cant afford to buy further tickets!!!!!!!