Vote P!NK - The Worlds Greatest Popstars

Vote P!NK - The Worlds Greatest Popstars

Show your appreciation for P!NK and her music by voting for her in the WORLDS GREATEST POPSTARTS contest presented by rimmel london for 4music!!!!

Im sure you will agree P!NK is the one and only greatest popstar in the world of music! Shes fiesty, courageous, funny, sarcastic, down to earth, creastes fantastic music and most importantly REAL not a fake like the people she talks about in the contravercial song 'stupid girls'.

Its time to make it official and give p!nk the title of THE WORLDS GREATEST POPSTAR!
Make your vote count!

Thank you and happy voting Smiling

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emmauk xXx

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I voted!!!! ~ Does our vote count if we are on the other side of the pond? (Chicago) the way...we (or I at least) have never even heard of Take That or Girls Aloud! So that was an easy vote regardless!
Anything for Pink! She's awesome and her concert ROCKED!! No Boo's for our Pink here in the "Windy City". WE LOVED HER!!!!!