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Comments for this News article

smurfykins 3 years ago

I identify with your previous contributers. But I'm feeling like a pawn. Is this website all about soliciting purchases from Pinks die-hard fans? I feel like a "stupid girl" for spending time writing on this Pink.com site. I don't see anything here that suggests that Pink actually visits this page. I've heard she twitters. I've not joined the twitter club yet and I would if I thought it wouldn't be something to kick myself over later. If Pink is really interested in our personal struggles with anorexia, bulimia, substance abuse (it's substances in my case) or with the impact she's had on us and our families then I'm very excited to hear Pinks personal message to us particular fans on this message board in the very near future. Thanks, Pink.

Sarah P. Toronto, ON, Canada.

smurfykins 3 years ago

Pink, do you ever wonder the degree to which your songs have the capacity to inspire? You are definitely unique. I'm not a fan of "The Stupid Girls." I wish them well though b/c a life of fame has so many downsides, no? But I started loving your music (when I first saw by accident your "stupid girls" video. Loved it. I saw your talent and don't think you ever need to fight for a space in the music industry. You're you. Even if you didn't make millions and even if you didn't appeal to as many people as you do (tons upon tons, no?) would it matter? Because if only a huge handful of people "get you" and "love you" (in the fan sense) then isn't that special? See where I'm going with this? The reason I fell in love with your album, your brand new one that my sister played in her car while I was trying to get sober, well, the reason I loved it so much is because you're so honest. And because you had to fight so hard for what you have. I was a bit sad to realize that your song are co-written. Aren't they? And that in your end credits you thanked wine and friends and tequila for helping you to be inspired. I think you're awesome, Pink. Is that even your real name? See? I'm a brand new fan. I loved your sober songs b/c I identified with them and I thought the songs contained your experiences and words only. I wish for you that you REALLY see what you're capable of. I hope you never underestimate yourself. Please Pink, next round write your music without assistance. Are your fans in love with you or an image that your publicists help create?

Are you not known for being honest? Then be honest. In your life if not your music. And if I'm ignorant and speaking out of term, please let your fans know the extent to which you are responsible for the raw expressions and confessions found in your music.

I don't know that everyone even bothers to read "the credits."

Dear Pink, I love your pseudonym. I appreciate how hard you've fought to get noticed and get famous b/c if you didn't fight so hard I'd never have heard your music which I love.
I'm grateful that you shared with everybody who bothered to read the entire last pages of your album cover that you had help composing your songs.

Pink, maybe you get messages like mine all the time. Maybe your staff will simply skip this message and not share it with you but I hope you get it and respond. Why me? Why respond to me? Because I'm not star-gazed. I've never written to any celebrity in my life. I'm writing to you b/c your music connected me and my sister (b/c she bought me your CD when I last visited her (acrimoniously as it turned out) b/c she already owned the CD and I kept playing it over and over in her car and sitting out there (in her car) for hours on end to listen to your CD loudly.

Pink, I guess in some ways I'm jealous of you b/c you have a man, even though your relationship has at times been tumultuous (real life, no?) and it seemed to me that you got him and he got you after you hurtled over obstacles that few people can identify with. Addiction. Did you really battle addiction? My sister said you spent a bit of time addicted to meth. Did you beat meth but still drink, and I quote you, Pink, "For inspiration?" Did you actually have an addiction?

Well, regardless of the degree of specificity found in the experiences you sing about, I love your music, your passion, your tenacity. Please never de-value yourself by over-valuing others (do you put your "equals" on a pedastool?"
It seems to me that for someone who fought so hard to be noticed you have a lot of love to give everyone who's ever told you their name.
I wonder, Pink, how much will you grow as an artist, how much will your lyrics expand to define you personally as you continue to age chronologically?

I hope I'm still a fan when you outgrow your need for unconditional love and acceptance. Not an insult, I just recognize in others (including you) what I recognize in myself.

Take care.

New fan,

Sarah Probert. (Jan. 31, 1978)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Sarah P. Toronto, ON, Canada.