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awrig11 4 years ago

I love the song Perfect. I dedicate it to my 17 yr old niece who recently admitted she is bulimic. We live far away from each other yet we talk all the time. But right now I am struggling how to help her self image, her confidence and ultimately her health. She has been hospitalized 3x in 4 months and I super afraid it is going to take something drastic to get the dr's attention to do something.
It amazes me yet frightens me the extent young minds will go to just to feel prettier, to fit in and be accepted.
I have always admired Pink's ability to be herself and not the typical Hollywood pop star and have a message in her lyrics other than just sex.
If you have any other songs out there that speak to these young teens about how detrimental this Hollywood image they are trying to achieve, please send them along, I need a lot of help getting through to my niece.