A Big Day in P!nk History!

A Big Day in P!nk History!

Today marks a big day in P!nk's music history. Both of her albums, I'm Not Dead, released in '06, and Can't Take Me Home, released in '00, dropped on this day! Both smash albums were full of hits - can you name some? What were your favs? Let P!nk know and celebrate this great day of P!nk tunes!

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KRenee 2 years ago

I am a huge fan. April 4th is significant to me as its my mans birthday. Think Pink is pretty great and hope Vancouver is a venue because I will be there!

MiaLynn0991 2 years ago

I don't have a favorite song, I love all of them! She is the only artist that I can truly say I love all of her music. Every song I can feel like I can relate to or plug it into a certain time in my life. I have a goal to see her preform at least once in my life, no matter where I have to go or how much I have to save I want to be able to say that I got to see my favorite artist and role model preform.