Ohh YUMMY this ones gunna be fun! Well hey there fighter. First of all, i want to thank you in recognizing my sarcasm... Im assuming your beng sarcastic aswell Cuz if your not being sarcastic, then that wuld mean youv wasted all that time reading my posts when you dont even care about it.. (and theyre some long ass posts). So for your sake, lets assume sarcasm! But seriously, thanks for acknowledging my f***ed up mind! Not everyone gets it.. But you totallyyy get me. After all, P!nk teaches us to be a little f***ed in the head. You would know that ofcourse! And why wuld i want a real life?? Eww then i wuld be doing pathetic things like going on random forums and bashing peoples passions... Now thats a low point my dear! So ill hang out up here in my own little world, where happiness is easier to find (goodluck is fortunate aswell Eye-wink )

-"Burn this f*cker down!"

f*** Pangea (dont ask)

Spreading P!nkianity
*P!nk's Feisty Hoe*