Dear Pink,
I so hope you do read these or someone from management does but I cannot explain to you how much myself and my husband NEED to come to your concert - we missed the last concert series as I was in ICU in Brisbane away from home which is 4 hours away for 5 weeks. We adore your music and my husband who has a disability (Muscular Dstrophy) had one wish and that was to see you and if there was a meet and greet we wouldn't eat for a week to meet you. We just cannot got our hands on any tickets to Brisbane, but for my John who doesn't go much is so disapointed, we have our 5th wedding anniversary and I would love to give him a gift for your show. You are truly inspirational and everything that I would want my hildren too have if I could have them. Please management team see this email as just coming from the heart, we love her and John does not go out much and I want this gift for him.My name is Lina Grosso, (I so know there are other people that go through more than what we do but we needs this and want it so badly)Please email me actually on my university email so I can keep this a secret (email: