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Bonapartess 6 years ago

I realized I have almost 100 people on my list, I never realized I had added that many folks. No way I could possibly keep up with all of them, so Im starting to systematically start over again because we seem to only be allowed 20 ppl. You probably might not care anyway cause you don't know me from Eve, lol, but sorry nonetheless. =)

Bonapartess 7 years ago

What a cool haircut, love it. Looks amazing on you. I would've also liked to see a photo of the face your mom made when you bounce in with short hair after years of you having long hair. Priceless.

FireDragonGirl 7 years ago

seriously cool hair cute, it is awsome.

^^ Hi

^^ Hi

AleciaMooreRulez 7 years ago

thats the hair cut i want, but my hair is frizzy when its short.

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