Simply thank you will never do…

Simply thank you will never do…

It would be a lie if I was to say I’m a die hard fan… I honestly don’t even know what that means. Sure I loved Prodigy in my teens, Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane in my neo-hippy days… knew all the songs by heart, burned my mom credit card in Amsterdam just to find the right clothes… was a huge show-off, looking down on kids who listened to boy bands and what not… I thought I lived the music.

Years passed by, college, work… got to the late 20s when “I’m not dead” album came out. I was never compelled before to buy Pink’s album, had several mp3s here and there, but for some reason I got it this time, first day out and I said why not.

I’m not sure what exactly happened when I first put that CD on, it’s beyond my capabilities to describe it in a written form… I just know that I have never felt anything that had moved me in a such a way. My whole core was shaking, those lyrics were so strong, so potent, so true… You are one of most inspiring, creative, poetic Rockers that touches deeper and sharper with your words then razor and yet at times softer then the whisper.

I think I have listened to that CD for hours and hours, like in some kind of trans… it’s had brought back so many ghost from the past, unresolved issues, demons I needed to face.. and at the same time gave me such a strength and courage to do so. I would say that it’s been a life-altering experience, cathartic and enlightening. Saved me lotta dough on useless therapy… For me each song has a special place in my heart, it’s a first and only album I don’t feel the need to skip a song, each and every one is f***ing unbelievable.

Went to your concert I Zagreb, was floored by the energy, not to mention brilliant vocal ability and exhilarating performance.

Ever since, that album and especially my fav cover song were like a shelter for my soul. It’s like infusion of all that’s right in this world, all that’s true and honest.

I never believed any song or album will ever top this one, but “Funhouse” came out and this one is just as honest only a bit more raw in emotions … no bs just the way it is. In a genuine fusion of burlesque-ish rock, again each word screams the richness of emotional palette one full-blooded human being has gone through this last year or so. It’s unbelievable the way you’re giving yourself through these songs so selflessly. Each doubt, each wound, each spite and mistake. You’re an artist with opinions who's never afraid to voice them out and for that I am forever grateful.

Pink babe, you are by far the best artist to me. Great human being, poetic soul with right attitude and a killer voice. You’ve inspired me to be all that I can, given me so much without ever knowing me… I’ll never be able to express my true gratitude, I can say Thank You millions of times and it wouldn’t be enough.

Still, there’s nothing I can do but to say:

Thank You for being yourself! Never change! Love you!