Sad, like most of you Pink fans i am absolutely devasted that yet again i am unable to get tickets for the concert in SECC glasgow dates, i have never been able to get tickets for pink's concerts and feel this is probably due to the morons that buy them all up on pre pay and sell them for 3 times the value, its absolutely disgusting!!, there are people like myself who are loyal fans and want to support our idol but cant due to the con merchants Sad, maybe i will get to see Pink at some point in my life Sad

lorraine x

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Hopefully you get some tickets for the October Gig - I pre-ordered 4 just a few moments ago (limit was 8!!Shocked )

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Great news for Glasgow fans... new dates announced!!!!


I agree, I think part of the problem was giving early access to people who pre-ordered Funhouse through iTunes - what about the fans who pre-ordered from other retailers? Not everyone wants to download an album, it's nice to have the printed lyrics and a genuine CD to play in the car or at home. The majority of pre-order tickets are now on sale on eBay!! Plus ticketmaster had tickets for the best seats available through their Ticket Exchange before general release @ £250 each.

Seriously bad!! How about a pre-sale for registered fans????

I agree its bad people buying up tickets so they can sell them on for triple the price!
You should have a look at other websites they are still selling pink tickets but you will prob have to pay out more than £32,50

it is really unfair, it shouldnt be allowed

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected