Anyone else find the "SOBER" video artistically scary?

Anyone else find the "SOBER" video artistically scary?

I just love that video but the more i look at it the more i find it geniusly artistically freaky! Its sooo scary that shes makin out with herself but at the same time, it represents sumthing but i dont know what. I love it. Also how shes in that white room and everything is white. i think that its really freaky buti just know it means something!

any thoughts on what you think it is

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I think we read a little to much into the meaning of certain things? maybe it was how she was feeling at the time? All I know is that its a wicked video and track. You go girl!

tonight Ill do what I want coz I can!!

It's dark but its not scary. Sober is so cool! Laughing out loud

Well personally Sober is one of my favorite songs on this album. And I've seen her video and I believe its all just a metaphor.....the beginning when you see all the pinks drinking and partying I think that means we as people or a person have many sides to ourselves....and about the part where pink is making out with opionion is that we are our the first to love ourselves and our worse enemy. We all have a vise and we all would like to be able to find that feeling of whatever that may be and keep it. But we're all human and working on it in our own little ways. Just my opinion on how I see it...and that's just it, I really don't think music or lyrics have one meaning, it's all about the soul and mind of the person who hears it, not just listens to it, but hears it.

Not really some parts where really weird, I thought it was very arty an insight to pink. Did you watch the making of the video on tv, it was sooo good.

tonight Ill do what I want coz I can!!

watching the making of Sober was so cool!

P!NK ROCKS !!!!!

here are some links to the making of Sober, they may answer some of your questions....

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