How do u get around to meeting P!nk when she's on tour??

How do u get around to meeting P!nk when she's on tour??

i've been dying and i mean dyin to meet her for so long she's just so amazing i love everything about her and wanna just meet her even for 2 seconds i'd be the happiest woman alive! yea so i've seen that so many other fans have pictures with her n they make me so very jealous instead of lookin at other people's pictures al the time i wanna look at mine with her! how do you all get to meet her please tell!?? Smiling

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God knows but share wiv us when you learn lol. Good luck tho!!!

It's a shame you can't pay extra for a meet and greet - Beyonce has a number of packages for her upcoming tour, including a meet and greet, wouldn't it be great if Pink did that?

im hoping i might have some luck and catch a glimpse of her in dublin in october although knowing my luck i'll either walk right past her or just not have any luck at all

or randomly seeing her in the street. my friend took her and careys tickets at the cinema in cardiff. they went to see hairspray. dunno if thats true but just what she said.

Just keep trying and eventually you will,
however it my mean waiting for her to enter/exit the venues,
which pretty much sucks but afterall its alecia shes worth it.



i would kil to meet pink, i was lucky enough though to have her walk past me in the airport when she was catching a plane to heathrow(i think) and i was flying home after her concert the night before!! i nearly passed out i was sooo excited!!

But waht i have from a Foto???
Im Fotographic and the only waht i think its....
i wanna be her Fotogrphic and make more of real fotos from her she is so nice in natural...
but this dream is to big for somone little of me...
oh my good my english is so baaaaaaad....
I hope its nothin wrong;)
but i draem too


Gruß die Mus

i now what you mean, i'm also dying to meet her.
i hope i'm going to be so lucky 1 day.
still dreaming .....


There are only two ways to meet Pink
One is being VERY LUCKY and seeing her before or after a show the other is to win a Competition to one of her shows that way you also get to meet and greet!
We can all dream Eye-wink