This was my Mum's favorite Poem. She passed away when I was young and I have never forgotten the peom as I feel it is so true.

There are friends who pass like ships in the night
Who meet for a moment, then sale out of site
With never a backward glance of regret
Friends we know breifly, then quickly forget

There are other friends who sale together
Through rough seas and stormy weather
Helping eathother throughg joy and through strife
These are the kind that give meaning to life.

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Thank you. What a lovely thing to say!!

We're all P!nk on the inside

That poem is so true...I've made one about friendship too many years ago, but it's written in Dutch. I'll search it and try to translate it. It said something similar about friendship.

As long that you remember this poem, your mum will always with you! Somebody said to me: "A person is only dead, when everybody has forgotten him or as long you keep the memory, that person will always be alive in some way."

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

Its true though I told my friend and she agrees! Ive never lost anyone close to me but Id like to think that when it happens I have some way of keeping their memory alive like you have! & just a quick thanks for checking out one of my songs theres a couple more if you feel like having a look, take care Eye-wink

Sarah :%

thanks smilysarah3. Thats such a nice thing to say.

We're all P!nk on the inside

that poem is great way to describe peoples friendship! im sure many more people that read it will remember it and pass it on, so really your keeping a part of your mums memory alive and passing it on to us all x Smiling

Sarah :%

Hi amoorerocks,

when I´ve written to you... one true friend is enough, now I´m bit under pressure and I am very lucky that I have one

Do ya have to ...

sand hello to you Smiling take care

bye Ela

Ela God Is a DJ


*goes to look*

We're all P!nk on the inside


Sorry to hear about your mum, amoore, i cant really feel the same as you feel, but i lost my nan 2 years ago just from old age and i have always kept the stories and messages from her close to my heart, as you have done with your poem from your mum.

I am touched by it, it almost brought a tear to my eye.

Once again, sorry to hear about her, and i think it is an amazing poem.

Changing the subject to a lighter one, would you mind checking out my song in this section of the fourms??



Thanks Ela

*hugs back*


We're all P!nk on the inside

Oh, very true...
I find out that you can meet a lot of people
Think you have a lot of friends
But they are just the mans... you know them
Its enough just only one thrue friend...
When you need him... comes, is listening to you
And don´t expects your rewards
Hi just need feel to...youre OK again ...

so I understand the FRIENDSHIP......

bye huge hug to you Amoorerocks Smiling

P.S. realy nice poem

Ela God Is a DJ

"It must be lovely to remember things like that about her "

It is. There's not a lot I do remember is was nearly 12 years ago, I was only 9 but yeah it's nice to remeber things like that.

Shje was a person who though the world of her friends and thats why she lloved that peom so much.

We're all P!nk on the inside

What a lovely poem and so true Smiling. Sorry to hear you lost your mum when you were young, it's sad when we lose a loved one at any age, but, when you are young just seems so much worse Sad. It must be lovely to remember things like that about her Smiling.