lady k

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Rose2009 5 years ago

Wow Now That Is Uncanny

Lifes a b**** just deal with it .... P!nk inspires me and the world should be a little more open to being inspired.

pinkreadingpa 5 years ago

not in a bad's like looking at pink i swear WOW nice pic! way to be yourself with it!!

Melissa_Homma 5 years ago

It's nice seeing someone being themselves. You do have the Pink look going on and you have a very cute child.

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Thora (A 3-year-old

sweetpinkblondie 6 years ago

You could be her twin, really- and the baby- beautiful too!!

livvy-lou 6 years ago

yeah i think it looks like p!nk during the can't take me home days.