me and P!nk in PRAGUE :-)

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AKF07 4 years ago

OMG how jealous am I....... Shocked(

If that was me who got to meet her & had that pic it wud be in pride of place BLOWN up in my front room for ALL to see LOL Shocked)

Ellie The Lesbian 4 years ago

That is amazing- Your pic made me cry :'(
Im really jelous!!!! Pink is my idol Laughing out loud
And one day I hope to meet her or even get close to her at a concert!!!
Only been to one of her concerts and spent most of that crying!
But u guys understand how much I love her!!!! cus u love her the same!! --


titanfan2009 4 years ago

Thanks to Pink,

For spending time with her fans. I am enjoying her music Pink has put out to the Max. If Pink ever seen this comment, I'd like for her to know that she is what I feel is a real intertainer that comes natural. Keep it up girl...

Claire_CZ 5 years ago

I hope your dream will come true one day Smiling because it is the best feeling ever.



pinksnumber1fanever 5 years ago

Wow, i wish i was you!!
It is my dream 2 meet her :')