anyone going to birmingham NIA on october 30th

anyone going to birmingham NIA on october 30th

i know it's ages away yet, but i booked the tickets 2day, and im gutted that i aint going to see her sooner, but ill still get to see her so never mind. anyways this will be my first concert and so my first PINK concet, PINK is my ultimate and im sooo excited. is anyone elso goin on Friday the 30th OCTOBER, or when are you going and where. oh and im standing so was wondering what would be the best time to start queing to get the best places??x

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thanks! i got the tickets from the ticket factory. actually a friend of mine that lives in birmingham bought the tickets for me.

see you!

hey cool, try ticketmaster thats where i got mine!!


hi! i'm new here but i wanted to tell you that i'm trying to get tickets for the show in birmingham. i really hope that i will succeed . if i do i will see you there.

kk cheers robbie, i get bored easily and have no patiene so i ent quing for ages, ill just hopefully push my way through. lol my mates wen 2 c fall out boi in cardiff and my 1 mate jumped a fence sprinted past a bouncer into the guitarists changing room go an autograph an a pic- then he got chucked out by a bouncer....


iam going to liverpool echo on the 29th i think it is but is u standing the will be standing outside from bout 6 in the mornin probs so its up 2 you if you gonna try n move yourself forward or wanna wait but i went to see fall out boy there and didnt get there till the doors just opened and i still managed to get to the front of the stage so depends on you.


I bought 2 tickets to Birmingham before I knew she was coming to so Ill try to find a way to sell them, becurse there doesn't seem to be a

But If I cant sell them Ill guess ill be there to!

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