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Arjuna was asoldier , he rode a chariot of gold and fire , it had five horses , each of these horses was a reflection of the five sences of the human , they were Sight the first jive he was a mighty horse with thighs of steel and the eye of a dragon fly , Smell the second magic hecould detect a identify all and every at any yardage a true warrior , hearing the third electric , the power and might of this beings hearing could amaze the most skeptic King , touch the forth sex , he had an ability to feel his way through the darkest of places , he once took the entire chariot just on touch thought the forest of pain , the darkest of all places in all the universes , and taste the firth golden ticket , he was the one that in any town or kingdom could find the warrior team a meal and even a tresury return on work completed and porformed , - Sences are or can be roughly defined as seats of perception - area's of the self were the outcome of the expierence is determined by an objective aspect of the mind and self - a reflection of history nature and nurture , the chariot represents the body - the horses - our perception arjuna the mind or counsisness , he rides the chariot into battle - a battle between two war-ing families , before the battle begins - Arjuna stops on the field - in that moment the Lord appears to Arjuna - communications occur and time begins ,

priase the Lord

peace jjakh

p.s did you see that life attempt this morning it was on channel 7