Anyone at Belfast? Did anyone else think P!nk was fantasic but the organisation of it a shambles? Queing for over an hour at the bar while stewards allowed people to bunk the q and then getting to the top only to be told no drink left? Missed so much of the show and really disappointed. Don't even get me started on trying to get to a toilet!!

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Pink Did What She Always Does Put On A Fantastic Show, Yeh The Organisations Was Prity s*** Of The Bar Toilets ect But To Have Pink In Are City Singing Live And Note Perfect (WHILE FLYING) Thats Prity God Dam Amazing.

At The End People Were Shouting To Stewards Because A Girl Was That Drunk She Couldnt Stand, Other Members Of The Crowd Though That Pink Was Up In That Suite But They Were Shouting For Help Not Because They Though Pink Was Up There!

Shes So Nice She Just Had A Laugh With The Fans And Couldnt Believe The Turn Out She Got! Hats Of To The Girl Shes Amazing And Defo Should Get More Credit And Defo Come Back To The Kings Hall!!

Just a question ladies and gentlemen,
Did Pink was in the bul/ball in front of stage?

Yep the organisation was absolute wank, but don't expect anything else. 25 min queue for toilet ..... f***ing disgrace. but once the show started I forgot all. Fingers crossed Dublin is better!
I don't play your rules, I make my own

I don't play your rules, I make my own

I have been to other events at the kings hall and in the show grounds. The staff are always ....well to be polite uninterested. I have known people to be driving around the car park for a hour trying to get out after the Cher concert there a few years ago. Cher called it "A concrete monstrosity" she was right.

I would have gone to the Pink concert untill I seen the venue. I went to the Odyessy twice last year and it was fantastic. I just hope a DVD comes out, as the set she did at the Isle of White fest. looked brill.

I found the worst bit getting out... we were standing in a big queue which we discovered after 10 mins was heading towards the bloody hedge and not the gate! (Maybe that's drink related also tho, who knows). Something happened in front of us and about 20 people were shouting for stewards and ambulance crews for ages before anyone paid any attention. Yeah, wasn't impressed but maybe that's what you get for holding a concert in a bovine show ring! Pink however was amazing so the organisational shambles didn't bother me one bit!