Best Method for white hair????

Best Method for white hair????

Can anyone tell me the best way to obtain white hair? I have tried blondies by Loreal which does not burn my scalp as much as blue powder and 30 vol but Im still not really happy with the results! Surely someone has some trade tricks????
My hair is very dark brown.

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There's a brand of toners called "directions" they do a white toner, it does work.. but you need to seriously bleach your hair first! Smiling You can buy them online, it worked for me, but it washes out after a while...

I trained a looong time ago & am not sure how products have changed...........

WHITE hair?? d u mean really really blonde??? bleaching is the best way, be careful at the % of peroxide & DEF do a strand test first ( take a dark bit of hair & colour b4 2 see how long it takes & what colour) also do a skin test, use a bit of the bleach/ colour on the inside of ur elbow 48 hrs b4 colouring.
PLease think about using l'oreal. they are a subsadisary of nestle & they are BAD! they basically push formula in countries that generally breastfeed & babies are seriously dying every day because of it. U can look it up on

that said ( sorry I feel really strongly bout that) if u want more of ablonde colour, u can use a tint after bleaching.

hth x x x