Calling all pink fans in UK!

Calling all pink fans in UK!

Pink has just added another date in the UK for her amazing Funhouse tour! She Will now finish in the UK @ Manchester MEN on Dec 13th.

Tickets went on sale 6th May and are still available to buy!

If like myself you want to see her again, this is the perfect opportunity to get tickets without paying over the odds for them!

Emma x

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got one saw her in april. didn't relise the december date is her last one in the uk should be amazing

This I come home to. This is my shelter. In our family portrait we look pretty happy. lets play pretend. let's act like it comes naturally.

got my ticket, going in october to 2 dates aswell, cant wait. First time i saw her was in april and it blew my mind, if i was addicted to her music before, its nothing compared to how i feel about it now

hi emzyo, it was my 1st P!nk concert 2 weeks ago, even though ive been a fan from the beginning - it was the best show i have ever seen - truly amazing and im going to 2 more concerts in nov and dec

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

I saw Pink at the O2 on may 4th, she was fantastic, hopefully going back again in December for more. Fab Fab Fab x

lol i think all pink fans must be on the same wave length. That is exactly my plan get tickets for where ever i can and hope i can get tickets for glasgow as well.

What did you all think of the gig?

For me it was the best pink tour so far.... hence why im going to see her again and again hehe Eye-wink

yeah thanks already got mine...
cant wait 2 watch her again.

We've got scurvy on Spongebob rules! =D
I love youu P!nk.... I love you too Jakeeyy... (best mates for life)

got mine Smiling

It's no wonder I'm so Disconnected

Great Minds.....I bought more a couple of nights ago, It would be wrong no to buy em' @ face value Eye-wink & I just know she will add a couple more Glasgow dates & I'll buy tickets for there as

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