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Thanks to P!nk and Carey for showing us the wonderful family pic with Willow Sage, it's so fucking perfect Smiling !!!

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hearty congrats to the new parents and welcome willow sage.

congrats to u pink and carey. and pink remeber willow will always be perfect no matter what and im a big fan of pink

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Congrats to P!nk and Carey. Willow, remember that to all of us you will always be perfect!

HUGE CONGRATS!!! To the new parents..SPotted a picture today of pink after giving birth, She looks realy natural.

Its just a pitty a Girl has been born to a great Mother and Father in a not so good society.She will certainly be looked after..Smiling

Congratulations to Alecia for her Daughter Smiling

Congrats 2 our Goddess and her guy Carey! Wish u all the best - loads of joy and good time with little Willow!
And, I'm really really happy that Willow is born at the same date I am Laughing out loud

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This profile proudly presents the girl born at the exact same date as little Willow Sage Hart! Smiling

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Firstly, many congratulations to the proud parents P!nk and Carey on the arrival of their first born child.

Lots of love is being sent their way from millions around the world.

While this a happy moment, i hope the paps are respectful of the privacy needed for them to enjoy being parents.

To celebrate P!nk and Carey's little bundle of joy, as well as P!nk's 32nd Birthday in September, we are holding a fan day in the UK.

All fans are welcome, please visit the website for more details, to puchase tickets or ask any questions.

Hope to see many of you there

i love the name willow. also the name winter. someday if i have a daughter of my own, i will name her one of those names. congrats to the new parents!

Willow is a beautiful name.

I love you so much i wanna lite you on fire!

Congrats on the new addition to your family. My mum said that about me having a girl so it's up to me to change the outcome and not repeat history. You can do it to P!nk.
Love to all and enjoy. Mel

Congratulations P!nk and Carey!
Welcome Willow Sage Hart!

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Congratulations to P!nk and Carey!! What a gorgeous name....Willow Sage Smiling I'm so HAPPY for the both of you!! I'm very new to this forum and just wanted to say a big Hi to everyone here Smiling I'm from Melbourne, Australia and am an ABSOLUTE DIE HARD P!nk fan!!! Laughing out loud Xxx

congradulations to u both. im sure u will b wonderful parent good to hav a new addition to the P!NK FAMILY
@ pink look out its like u said if u hav a girl ur gonna b n trouble Sticking out tongue hope u both dont end up n jail lol jk mayb karma wont bite ya ass too hard

I'm so happy for you both, You'll be Great Parents! And Willow Sage is such a beautiful name, I love it Eye-wink
And as P!nk would say "The Best is yet to come"...xoxo

L.O.V.E U 2 MY V.I.F

Congratulations to happy mummy and daddy P!nk and Careyand all good for you and your daughter Smiling

Congratulations from Berlin, Germany, I wish you, Carey and of course Willow Sage all the best, a wonderful life, joy, happiness and health. I'm sure you'll do your best to make her one strong, happy and wonderful person. So enjoy this little wonder!
And - bring her when you come back to Berlin! We'll welcome her just as much as you and Carey.

Congratulations, Alecia and Carey!!! I know that Willow is now the "apple of your eye..." to quote Stevie Wonder. Enjoy your beautiful little girl as she explores her new world. You will be wonderful parents, so don't sweat it too much. Lots of love to the three Harts. MUUWAHH! --Bre

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Welcome to the world little one. God has sure blessed P!nk and Carey with a beautiful child and I am sure that He will watch over them always. Congrats to you both as new parents.

welcome the the world little one.
i read some where (dutch media) that pink en the little one are in the hospital and the come home on monday.

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Welcome baby Willow Sage!!!! CONGRATULATIONS Pink & Carey!! I'm so happy for you guys & can't wait to see pictures of her! Beautiful name for a f***IN PERFECT BABY!!! She will be such a blessing to you both!!!


Congrats Pink, on your baby girl. Kids are a blessing in our lives and i know she will bring you lots of happiness and sleepless nights.

CONGRATSSSS P!NK AND CAREY....welcome your beautiful daughter willow sage hart...lovely name glad you are both healthy and i wish you all the happiness in the world xxxxxx

congratulations PINK and Carey!!!!!!!! Hope mum and baby are well!!!!!!!!!!!!

omfg i luv p!nk !!!!

Pink has given me and her fans over a decade of incredible music, her lyrics have touched my soul and changed my life. Watching her grow and evolve as a performer has been amazing for me, I could never thanks her enough.
Then Carey, has made a person that i care so much about (althouhg do not know personaly) so happy.
Welcome to the world little Willow. May you bring your parents the same joy they have bought into my life. I look forward to watching you grow as part of our Pink family.
Congrats to Alecia and Carey.

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Congratulations p!nk and Carey on the birth of your beautiful baby girl xx

it's a bit confusing with the different times, but if I'm right I posted yesterday she was in labour at 15.30 ET, and if the baby was born in the morning ET, she had it already then, but we didn't know that at this time and I was waiting the whole day for the news Puzzled
i wrote an email 2 our local radio station; they told about the birth 1 hour later and played "So what" ,lol Smiling
the name is beautiful, but it was a bit funny for me first, because the dog of my parents is also called "willow" Sticking out tongue
i hope the paparazzis don't suck 2 much and they have a bit silence...

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Congradulations on your new baby girl-I bet you're both thrilled!!!!

lol from what we know she wasn´t even in hospital at this point.
But it doesn´t matter.
The baby is born yesterday evening in LA (early morning geraman time) and its healthly and happy, and mom is fine too.
Thats the only thing that matters.
And the name is really cute.
Just great that they didn´t chooose a weird name like other celebs.
I mean this little human has to live with it the rest of his/her life.
And thats a name which she doesn´t need to be ashamed of.
A little mini P!nk. Can´t wait to see pics.

To P!NK and Carey, Congratulations to you both. I know you will be the most awsome, wonderful, caring, loving parents to Willow Sage. I am so happy for you both. Smiling

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but i was the first who told she is in labour yesterday...Sticking out tongue
haha it doesn't matter, the baby is healthy and they are happy and that's what counts Smiling

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Sticking out tongue I was the first to make a topic.
Did it yesterday already.

But yeah congrats and a healthly good smooth life.

CONGRATS P!NK AND CAREY!!!! wishing you all the best with your new bundle of joy!! hope all is well can't wait to see whats in store with the little one Smiling

Good luck xx kaitlin
p.s. loving the name its gorgeous!! Laughing out loud

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Willow... Sage... It's a little ironic that she chose the same name for her daughter as Sarah Palin did! Eye-wink Laughing out loud

A "sage" is a spiritual teacher or someone who imparts wisdom or the perennial philosophy.
Perennial philosophy is the notion of the universal recurrence of philosophical insight independent of epoch or culture, including universal truths on the nature of reality, humanity or consciousness.
Singalong coming up later...

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Big hugs from downunder. Hope you're feeling the love we're sending to you Alecia, Carey and Willow.

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Congratulations to P!nk and Carey and welcome on earth Willow Sage Hart - my thoughts have been with them the last hours (except the time I've been sleeping Sticking out tongue ) and I'm so happy to hear the good news now !
I hope they will have a wonderful time (feel good time Smiling ) and wish them all the best for their little family ! Smiling

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