Dealing with life

Dealing with life

I know you are bleeding tears
They are streaming down your face
Unfortunately this is a dark and hard phase

Your heart is scratched and shredded with pointed arrows
They passed straight through your flesh
Hope no more you won’t feel like trash

You lost your grandpa
You cannot bring him back
How I wish I can throw your sorrows away in a sack

He was funny
He was kind
He was a singer
He was the best
For losing him you have a bruise on your chest

I wish I can bandage that bruise
Nini I am sure that by time it will heal
No more pain and crises you would feel

Remember your nice and happy memories with him
He is in a better place
Even though it is him that you want to chase

It is normal to cry
and when we do, from inside we feel pure
To feel better I want to find you a cure

He is watching over you
He wouldn't want you to feel sad
Inside your heart he will never be dead

I wish I'm not far away to give you comfort
Hope this phase will be easy and short
I'm always here for you even though I'm at South and you're at North

Whenever you get berried, I'll be there to dig you out
Together we will always laugh with a wide open mouth
You will always be my bestest mate
I want to release you form this state

You are lost in a long and dark cave
It is you that I am going to save
I am sure that at the end of that cave, you will find some glowing light
Therefore with life no longer you have to fight

You are my one and only twin
Together it is this life of s*** that we fight and win
I'm so lucky you are my clone
Therefore we never feel alone.

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again, thxx for that poem my twiny Smiling
i love it^^ Laughing out loud

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^^Amen, long live to P!NK!!! =D^^
3> love ya'll my 3 VIF <3