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Im totally new here:) So i wanted to intruduce myself... I live in Sweden, have been a dirty little freak for some years and im crazy about p!nk. While im at it: Remember to take care of the enviroment, our animals, humans and yourself.

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thanks Smiling

hey freak
welcome to the nitty gritty family of dirty little pink freaks
im maghann but u can call me mags there are lots of awesome peeps here never met any1 from sweden so far met lots of aussies n pommies(english/britsh) peeps tho n som germans com check out the swearing forum r break a record i must give ya a little warning dont b to intimitaded by swearing forum ok its all n good fun n its a place wheere if ya want to vent frustration u can here is a small lesson if u decide to go to swearing
f u < e m > c k < e m > =fuck
got it its pretty simple jus but the < e m > after first 2 letters n after last 2 also in a 4 letter word but leave out the spaces that was jus to show u Smiling