Hi everyone!
I'm Giorgia, I'm 18 and I live in a small town in the centre of Sicily (Italy).
What about me?
Well, I LOVE P!nk of course Smiling
Unfortunately I've never seen her on a concert, but I hope to go to the next tour...
What else?
I also love Tokio Hotel (please, don't hate me), Evanescence, Negramaro, RIO (two italian bands)...etc

All for now...

ps: sorry for my bad english =.=

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@ amoorerocks omgg lol mighty small world lol think lil too much info in my post lol did you get to see the funhouse concert? i missed out on that one

OMG @ doe.....do you live in Sale??

My parents live there!!! lol

We're all P!nk on the inside

Hey this is a great topic for everyone to introduce themselves Thanks Giorgia,
I am new to the forums as I am a bit shy and with two kidlets one 13 and one 5 tis a bit hard to sit for more than a couple of mins lol anyways I have liked pink since her first release and believe it or not the very first concert ever that I had seen was her 2007 aussie tour in melb and I was mesmerized tis a bit lame since im 30 but thats what being a good mummy is all bout (sacrifice) k so im babbling I just want to say that pink and her music have inspired me so much to keep my strength and as long as you can laugh and have fun you can achieve anything. I hope you are able to go and see her in concert Giorgia she is so very incredible and inspirational.