How can I get a message to Pink?

How can I get a message to Pink?

My name is Bill Gallagher and I'm from Royersford, Pennsylvania somewhat near Doylestown...And I'm have a few problems in my life (marriage, disabilty, musical, and a few more ) and just want to make sure Pink reads an email or snail mail.

Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

Very truly yours,
Bill Gallagher
135 N Main Street
Apt C
Spring City, PA 19475
again thanks...

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maybe you try it on twitter...

We are all pink on the inside!

Hi Bill!

There's a "Tell P!nk" forum, but you probably already knew that. I've tried looking online and haven't really found anything, either. Good luck, though, I know you can get through anything and everything. Just stay strong and carry through it!