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i call it "LEGALY..."

i call it "LEGALY..."

in court since the age of two.......

now i just look like i act and act like i know what im about to do.
just words or legal terminology holding me back from my full potential,
just numbers and letters keeping me back from getting that raise,
its allways about the language and knowing who and its ways,
multiplyed by a phrase with the flow of a sytem that controls a program,
and the program is fake,
but if you keep at it the system gets lost somewhere in between,
if you dont get lost in the system if you know what i mean!
youll just become a statistic that some say is "unseen",
how unfair it may seem,
but it happens everyday and to ordinary people,
just like you and me,
but who can be the one to see what will happen next,
predicting the future is illogical proposition,
but technically its agains my religion,
so how do you think i feel when i finaly win,

i get the best and you now know that i am the best and if i push harder that i have ever done i can be better than the rest!!!!!

©2006-2009 Michael Albin