I don't believe you

I don't believe you

Outstanding, made me cry, Her voice is so clear & clean, beautiful. Well done Alecia

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this song is so awesome and her voice is just great...and i cant say i cried because i dont think i can anymore but if i could i would...lol...i lover her songs because i think her voice just makes them...


like family portrait, this song comes into my heart.

I don't cry when i 'm listening this song,but i agree wirh you it's very good song it know touch people for heart

I think it was I dont believe you cause I dont think she'd cry for Glitter in the air or anything else cause there not as emotional as I dont believe you

Yeah heard that story too...she told that every single song on the new album was recorded in one time, but there was one song she had to do over and over again because she was just crying while recording it. I'm not sure if it was I don't believe you...

I'd rather bleed with cuts of love, than live without any scars.

Its incredible.
as are all her songs, but "I don't belive you" is just beautiful.

I know, i read somewhere that she had to recored it again and again, becasue she kept crying through it Sad

But a good thing about it is... Me and my mum can both play it on guitar Smiling

its a beautiful song .... Smiling


have an acapella version and its just amazing, its so beautiful

Yes, it's one of my favorites. Very very nice. I cry too when I'm listening this song.

yeh it is a reli good song, she sed once in an interview it's one of her favourits on the album, so vunerable, so true so raw... what we love about miss P!!! x