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PINK come to North Carolina PLEEZ!!!!

PINK come to North Carolina PLEEZ!!!!

I've always wanted 2 go to a PINK concert and have never been so pleez come 2 NC in 2011!!!!

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I just became a fan of Pink about 3 months ago (age 48) single mom of 4 kids. I absolutely love P!nk and I want to see her in Raleigh North Carolina!!!!!! I would also love to meet her because she reminds me of me 20 years ago. I know that sounds maybe haughty but it's not. She is funny, honest and many more things. I don't know her but I feel like I do. I bought 2 of her concerts on Blu-Ray and love it!!!! I drive my boys crazy watching Pink. They like her though. They just think I'm crazy!!!! Pink please come to NC!!!!!!

And stop in Charlottesville, Virginia on your way !!! We haven't seen you since you toured with Justin Timberlake and the Sexy tour!!!